A downloadable game for Windows

Progressbar mania is a game, where you destroy ProgressBars.

The game is designed for all gamers and users of applications to overcome symptoms of watching too many loading screens during the day.

Have you seen enough loading screens in your life?

Can you quickly identify the value of ProgressBar and destroy it?

Are you able to beat El Capitan in the leaderboard?

Try it!

Playing the game

  • The target of game is to achieve the highest score. You should beat El Capitan, who is the best player in the leaderboard (click „Top Players" button in the game menu to see it).
  • Game is difficult to play. Your success depends on your fast decisions and on experience in watching „Please wait" screens.


Jan Chaloupka

game design, programming, graphics, sound & music

David Greenawalt, Nate Halley


Alan B., Jadeath, Likvid, ZeroFusion, Hana Ch., Clubinic, Olin

advisors & testers



Install instructions

  • System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10 ; mouse (or touchpad)
  • Download and run file Progressbar Mania.exe, then follow the instructions on the screen
  • If Adobe Air is not present on your computer, it will be downloaded a installed automatically
  • Sometimes, you can get warning about unknown publisher identity. Don't worry, you can continue with installation.
  • Run the game from Start menu or from Desktop
  • If game doesn't want to start, there is probably problem with your antivirus software - update it to the latest version and try it again


ProgressBar Mania.exe 35 MB

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